Six Podcasts I Recommend

Six Podcasts I Recommend

A thing that I’m super into is podcasts. Currently, I listen to somewhere around 40-ish(?) podcasts, which is far more podcasts than any person should listen to but I’m just really into them as a medium. The way I describe podcasts is that they’re like YouTube for your ears, and I’m a big fan of that idea. So here’s a post with six of my personal favourite ones I listen to that I recommend, in no particular order, with a personal favourite episode of theirs that I recommend you to listen to start with. Also, apologies in advance that they’re all Australian, and also Melbourne based. I just listen to a lot of Australian ones in that area (because they’re the best at podcasting and we are all pale in comparison).

1. Aunty Donna Podcast


Aunty Donna are a hilarious sketch comedy group from Australia and if you haven’t seen any of their sketches I heavily recommend you check them out. Their 1999 series is a classic and they haven’t made a single sketch that I don’t still laugh at when I rewatch. They have a very silly sense of humour which some people may not like but I personally love. Their podcast involves them improvising an idea for the episode typically with guests onboard to join in on the insanity. What comes out is some hilarious riffing that results in characters and jokes that just make you laugh uncontrollably.

Episode I recommend: Episode 9 Feat Demi Lardner

2. Do Go On


I really like podcasts that do a presentation on a certain event with a variety of interesting topics, but my problem with many of these is that they take themselves too seriously and aren’t able to have fun with it. Do Go On is not that kind of podcast. Each episode one of the three hosts presents a topic to the others with hilarious results as they all joke around while still giving out interesting stories. It keeps a great balance of having interesting topics such as D.B. Cooper or Jack the Ripper while having a great chemistry and joking about with it. (And the episode I recommend mentions a certain someone who suggested the episode’s topic)

Episode I recommend: Christmas Special: The Legend Of Krampus

3. Plumbing The Death Star


I regularly listen to all of the Sanspants Radio podcasts, but Plumbing the Death Star is by far my favourite. Each episode they ask a question regarding a fictional universe, i.e. What Could You Bring to the Fantastic Four or What Fictional Doctor Would Make the Best GP, and come up with the funniest possible answers to those questions. You can listen to them both as a casual or a hardcore fan as they jump to hilarious conclusions, like Beyonce’s Single Ladies actually being about a disgraced former Green Lantern.

Episode I recommend: What If Hagrid Was Five Years Too Late

4. Steele Wars


In each episode of Steele Wars, comedian Steele Saunders brings on a different guest to have an in-depth talk about Star Wars for an episode. Bringing on guests including comedians, YouTubers, podcasters, and cast and crew from the franchise, episodes always prove as both a funny and informative view on the experience of different fans of the films. Each guest brings their own unique view on the films with their own stories to share about their experience with them.

Episode I recommend: Episode 135: Jenny Nicholson and Chris Gore Live At The NerdMelt Showroom

5. We Are Not Doctors


Hosted by comedians Demi Lardner and Bart Freebairn, We Are Not Doctors is simultaneously probably the silliest and most thoughtful podcast I listen to. While using their own brilliant and absurd brand of comedy, Demi and Bart tell stories from their lives while listening to fans queries and questions and giving them advice on what to do. They continuously prove to give an honest, thoughtful, and hilarious output on life that never fails to entertain.

Episode I recommend: 88th Consult

6. The Weekly Planet


The Weekly Planet was the original one that got me into podcasts, and I have listened to every episode since they started in 2013. Each week, James and Mason get together to talk about the week in comic book movie news and discuss a particular relevant topic of the week. They provide a funny outlook on films and comics which you could listen to and have fun regardless of how much you’re into comics or films. Despite having been going for so long, and recently branching out creating the Planet Broadcasting podcast network, they have never changed their unique and great style that fans like me know and love.

Episode I recommend: 191 Transformers The Last Knight Is…

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