New Years Resolution 2018

New Years Resolution 2018

I made this blog last May with the aim of using it to write more often. Needless to say, with barely eleven posts made (two of them quite literally the beginning of a series I never finished), that hasn’t been the case. So I’m aiming towards doing a lot more of that this year.

Specifically, I want to (and I tweeted this a few days ago for anyone that follows me on Twitter) either make a blog post on here or a YouTube video on my channel for every week of the year. Which yes I have already broken by not posting anything for the last two weeks. But anyways, I figured it was worth writing a little something about the kind of things I’m wanting/planning to make in the coming year or so.


The biggest (and probably first) video I’m working on (which again you’ll know about it you follow me on Twitter) is an extended video essay/review on Netflix’s Death Note movie. It’s weird to try and describe videos that haven’t been made yet but it’s going to majorly be a comparison of the various different adaptations of the story (particularly the, in my opinion, heavily underrated 2015 TV drama) against it.

My channel is planned to be mostly for these kind of video essay-style reviews so there’s a bunch of stuff I’ve got semi-formed ideas for videos on (Mass Effect: Andromeda, Star Trek: Discovery, a third example that isn’t a sci-fi thing) but there’s a bunch of other ideas I’ve got for it rattling around in my head but I’ll leave them be for now rather than just naming a bunch of semi-ideas I have. (Please ignore that this post is quite literally entirely that.)

In terms of new content on this blog, I want to get around to doing some sort of regular review of a series. I’m probably going to do one when the new series of Doctor Who is coming out but I’m also keen on going through something like Star Trek with one, even if that does mean 736 episodes (and counting!) of my time.

Much the same things I’ve been writing though, some reviews here and there, random thoughts I’ve got that I want to put out there. I’d like to keep writing a fair bit more of the political stuff, but I don’t want to just be writing that for the sake of it so I guess it’ll just depend on what happens in the year ahead. But if 2017 was anything to go by, I’ll hardly be starved for content.

This could have been said in a lot less words (I think this post is kind of just an extended tweet when I get down to it) but in essence this year I’m aiming to get a lot more stuff out there than I ended up doing last year. Both writing a lot more on here as well as actually getting around to producing some proper video content.

In the meantime, you can hassle me on twitter if I don’t get it done, I guess.

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