William Jack is a person. Due to the expectations of the internet, he is required to write an about page about himself.

William Jack speaks one and a half languages. He has played the role of Doctor Who from 1990-1995, from 1997-2004, and in 2016. Due to a legal trademark on the letter, he has reluctantly hosted every T in the Park festival since 2014.

In a political test, he resulted as a left-wing, Keynesian, progressive. He identifies as a democratic socialist, and he is also a member of the Liberal Democrats. He has voted twice, and three of his candidates lost.

He has never won an Oscar, a Golden Globe, a Grammy, a BAFTA, a Brit, a Tony, an Emmy, an MBE, an OBE, a CBE, a KBE, a GBE, a KGB, an FBI, a CIA, an MI5, an MI24, or a Nobel Peace Prize for Literature.

He also regrets putting so much time into this silly joke.